Weekend Fun: The UFO at Treehotel

The UFO at Treehotel

Earthly concerns weighing you down? What better way to escape than by taking off in your very own space ship?

This UFO is one of the unique tree houses at Treehotel in Harads, Sweden. Two weeks ago we had a look at the Bird’s Nest tree house. The Bird’s Nest was designed to blend harmoniously into its forest setting. While that was being developed, the opposite idea came up, a tree house that was completely alien to its surroundings. Well, you can’t get much more alien than a UFO, can you?

The UFO at Treehotel

The shell of the UFO tree house was cast from composite materials for a combination of light weight and strength. It is suspended by cables from the surrounding trees. The UFO sleeps four, with one double bed and two singles. There is a small bathroom with an incinerating toilet and a water-efficient sink. The stairs retract into the body of the ship when you are ready to take off.

The UFO at Treehotel

The UFO tree house was designed by architect Bertil Harström of Inredningsgruppen.

Enjoy your weekend!

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Photographs by Peter Lundstrom / WDO (summer images) and Fredrik Broman / Human Spectra (winter images), courtesy of Treehotel.

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