The romantic Waterfall Cottage in Wales

The romantic Waterfall Cottage in Wales |

Waterfall Cottage is a 200 year old stone cottage within the Brecon Beacons National Park of Mid Wales. Once part of a large estate, the cottage overlooks a beautiful waterfall and is surrounded by a mix of woodlands and pasture.

The romantic Waterfall Cottage in Wales |

The cozy living room features a beamed ceiling and a wood stove. The living room and kitchen have gorgeous wood floors (more easily seen in the kitchen photo in the gallery). The cottage has two decent-sized bedrooms, one on the main level and one upstairs.

The romantic Waterfall Cottage in Wales |

One problem with older cottages is that they almost always have layouts that are awkward for modern living, with small closed-off rooms and poor circulation. Waterfall Cottage has a floor plan that is extremely inconvenient as getting from the upstairs bedroom to the downstairs bathroom requires a long tour of the entire ground floor. There is an alcove in the living room that looks like it was once a doorway, but it was likely blocked off in order to make the downstairs bedroom larger. As a result, the small kitchen has become the main hallway for getting anywhere in the cottage. We would move the bathroom to the upper stair landing. Then the space gained downstairs could be used to improve the circulation and enlarge the cramped dining room.

If you owned this small cottage, what would you do to improve it? The comments are open.

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