Small House Plans For Sale

Timber frame house plan for sale

The River Road timber frame house by architect Nir Pearlson has 2 bedrooms in 800 sq ft |

With an efficient layout that maximizes views between spaces, this small house feels deceptively large. It has two good-sized bedrooms in 800 ft2 (74.3 m2). Learn more →

The C3 Cabin plan for sale

The C3 Cabin by Vandeventer + Carlander has 1 lofted bedroom in a compact 16' x 22' footprint |

The C3 Cabin features a lofted bedroom space in a compact 16′ by 22′ footprint. Learn more →

Tiny house plan for sale

Minim House, a modern tiny house |

The Minim House is a 235 ft2 (21.8 m2) studio cottage designed for maximum efficiency. It would be ideal as a garden cottage / granny flat or as a tiny vacation cottage. Learn more →

Woodsy cottage plan for sale

A woodsy cottage by architect Cathy Schwabe with 2 bedrooms in 840 sq ft |

This woodsy yet refined cottage has two bedrooms in 840 ft2 (78 m2). Learn more →