The Box House, an off-grid cabin in Australia | Nicholas Murcutt

The Box House, a basic off-grid cabin in the Australian bush. |

The Box House is a basic cabin in the Australian bush several hundred kilometers south of Sydney. Its owners started by camping on the land but wanted a shelter that was a step up from tenting. Designed by architect Nicholas Murcutt, one of the founding partners of Neeson Murcutt Architects, the small cabin resembles a timber barn built with a modernist cube shape.

The Box House is a deceptively simple wooden box raised slightly on concrete piers. The north wall is fully glazed, likely requiring some clever structural engineering, while the other sides are mostly solid with just a few small windows covered by wooden shutters matching the Eucalyptus siding. The cabin has a 36 m2 (388 ft2) main floor plus a loft that is somewhat less than half that size. The walls have no insulation or inside finish, leaving the spotted gum framing on view.

The Box House, a basic off-grid cabin in the Australian bush. |

Rainwater collected in an elevated tank provides water. When first built, however, the cabin did not have electricity, hot water or a bathroom (they used an outdoor bathtub and the neighbor’s outhouse). Those luxuries were added over time, with the bathroom located outside the cabin in a storage shed topped by solar panels.

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Photographs by Brett Boardman. Via Busyboo.

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