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"The Pod", a modern 1 bedroom backyard cottage in Australia. |

An Australian family built this modern “pod” to accommodate overseas grandparents who spend the long summers visiting. Designed by Takt | Studio for Architecture, it provides the grandparents with a private and independent living space while still being closely linked to the main house by a deck and covered veranda.

"The Pod", a modern 1 bedroom backyard cottage in Australia. |

A glass canopy supported by charred timber ribs leads to the entrance, continuing inside becoming a skylight that runs the length of the small house. A short hallway passes the compact bedroom and bathroom on the way to the main living space, an open room with large windows facing the view and a private balcony at the far end.

"The Pod", a modern 1 bedroom backyard cottage in Australia. |

The architect did a nice job of integrating the kitchen into the rest of the living space. The counter turns the corner to become shelves that step down towards the sitting area. Another original detail is the colorful backsplash, which was made from Lego bricks covered with a sheet of glass.

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Photographs by Shantanu Starick, courtesy of Takt | Studio for Architecture. Via Architizer.

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