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Gallery: House in Sanno by Studio NOA

This very small house is located on a tiny lot in Sanno, a neighborhood of Tokyo. The clients, a couple with no children, asked architect Nobuhito Mori of Studio NOA to design a house for their small lot that would accommodate them and a future child. This 38 m2 (409 ft2) dwelling was his response.

The entry to the house is through a very tight vestibule which then opens to a main room that soars 6 m (20 ft) to the roof. This main room is a combination living room, stair hall and library, with one wall devoted to an impressively tall bookcase.

Gallery: House in Sanno by Studio NOA

All the other major rooms are stacked in the back half of the house. The bedroom is half a flight down from the main room, a compact kitchen and dining room are half a flight up, and the top level has a bathing area with a jetted tub positioned under a large skylight. These rooms are not big but they gain a sense of spaciousness from being open to the voluminous main room. The upper level also has a small rooftop deck, the only available outside space aside from a small parking spot just off the street.

There is no toilet in the top-level bathing room. Instead there are two tiny powder rooms, one just off the main room and one on the kitchen/dining level. Having two powder rooms located so close together may seem like a waste of space in such a small house, but it does allow guests to use whichever one offers the greatest privacy at the time.

There is a small loft over the entrance which supposedly would serve as a child’s bedroom if the family grew. It seems a bit on the small side and the only access is by ladder, but potentially it could be expanded with access provided from the semi-circular stair landing.

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