Weekend Fun: A tiny house in the trees by David Matero

Gallery: A tiny house in the trees by David Matero

On the coast of Maine is this tiny house hidden among the pines. Called the Tree House, it serves as a playhouse for the owners’ kids and a hangout for the adults of the family. Though not designed for full-time living, it looks like it would make for a great little house if utilities were installed and the interior finished.

The family had wanted to build an actual tree house, but the trees on the property were not large enough to support the structure. Instead architect David Matero sited it at the edge of a drop-off, putting it high in the tree canopy.

Island Tree House by David Matero

The Tree House has a very eye-catching playful roofline with multiple shed roofs. The exterior is finished with western red cedar shingles and trim. An oil finish was applied to darken the wood and further blend the Tree House into the woods.

Island Tree House by David Matero

Step inside the 350 ft2 (32.5 m2) Tree House and you will find a cozy space brightly lit by many windows and skylights. A comfortable window seat invites you to curl up with a book, take a nap, or enjoy the ocean view. There is also a table hinged to the wall so it can be folded up out of the way when not needed. A ladder takes you up to the sleeping loft.

Other than the built-in furniture, the interior is unfinished with no insulation or wall finish, leaving the rough-sawn Douglas fir framing on view. Both levels have their own balconies, with the lower one connected by a rope bridge to a zip-line.

Photographs courtesy of David Matero Architecture.

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