Vacation cottage in Denmark by Møn Huset

A modular vacation cottage by Møn Huset

Last year we featured the Længehus, a modular holiday house from Denmark. That was one of our most popular early articles, and so we thought we’d take a quick look a different model from manufacturer Møn Huset. This small vacation cottage sits in the forest near Tisvildeleje, a former fishing village just an hour’s drive north of Copenhagen. The floor plan isn’t shown on the Møn Huset website but it seems to be a variant of their Vinkelhuset line or it may have been a custom design. At any rate, the exterior of the house has the same clean lines, gabled roof form and simple attractive detailing as the rest of Møn Huset’s offerings.

The compact floor plan of 74 m2 (797 ft2) consists of two modules placed at right angles. The space formed by the angle between the modules is occupied by a large wooden deck. One module is used for the private spaces, containing the entry area, the bathroom and two bedrooms. The master bedroom is a comfortable size but the second bedroom seems to be on the small side. It’s big enough to be just a sleeping space but not much else. As this is a vacation home, that may be all that’s needed.

A modular vacation cottage by Møn Huset

The other module is mostly devoted to the home’s social spaces. The living room is open to an eat-in kitchen but the two are differentiated by ceiling height. While the living room ceiling is vaulted up to the roof ridge, the kitchen ceiling is at a standard height. Over the kitchen is a cozy sleeping loft accessed by ladder. The loft ceiling is too low for standing but large skylights keep the space from feeling claustrophobic.

A modular vacation cottage by Møn Huset

Black windows frame the lush greenery. Floor-to-ceiling windows open the living area to the outside, with large sliding doors leading out to the adjoining deck. The interior is clean and simple with minimal trim so as not to distract from the surrounding nature.

This small house is currently for sale through Do have a look at the Længehus if you haven’t already!

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