The Wedge, a small cabin by WheelHaus

The WheelHaus Wedge cabin

The Wedge is a small transportable cabin designed and built by WheelHaus. It is a park model trailer, built on a trailer chassis and registered as a recreational vehicle (RV). A park model trailer is typically used as a vacation cottage or small retirement home, but would also make an affordable home for a young single person or couple. Although they can be moved occasionally, park models are primarily designed to be left in one location and hooked up to utility services there. Because they are legally registered as RV’s, they can be placed in RV parks and mobile home parks. Park models in the United States are restricted by federal regulations to a maximum of 400 ft2 (37 m 2).

WheelHaus is targeting the high end of the park model market, combining innovative designs with top-quality finishes. The striking appearance of the Wedge is due to the angled roof that rises to a height of 17′. The long sides of the cabin are given relief by a bump-out for the bathroom on one side, and a recessed jog on the other. The Wedge has a “rustic modern” look with siding that combines weathered wood, reclaimed from snow fencing, with rusty steel panels.

The WheelHaus Wedge cabin

The 400 ft2 (37 m 2) floor plan provides space for a living area with a fully-equipped kitchenette, a bathroom, and a bedroom large enough for a king-sized bed. Clerestory windows along both sides of the cabin admit natural light while maintaining privacy. The rustic modern theme has been carried inside with finishes that include wood flooring, concrete countertops, barn-style sliding doors, and a glass-walled shower. The open beamed ceilings throughout are finished with more of the reclaimed snow fencing. The living room features a gas fireplace and a window wall with sliding door that opens onto the porch.

The WheelHaus Wedge cabin

The Wedge cabins seen in these photos are available for vacation rentals at the Fireside Resort in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. Enjoy the photos, and feel free to give your opinion in the comments!

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Photographs courtesy of WheelHaus and the Fireside Resort.

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