Karen’s backyard cottage by New Avenue Homes

Gallery: Karen's Cottage by New Avenue Homes

This attractive little cottage in Berkeley, California was built behind an existing small house. Karen, the homeowner, needed additional space for regular long-term guests. Since Berkeley allows accessory dwelling units, she hired New Avenue Homes to build one for her. New Avenue Homes offers a turn-key approach to getting a small house built, managing the design, permitting and construction processes.

Karen’s cottage has 280 ft2 (26 m2) on the ground level plus a sleeping loft. The ground level includes the living area, a compact kitchen and a full bath. A butcher block work surface doubles as both a desk and a dining counter. If you’d rather face your dining companion, there would be enough room to replace the work surface with a small table and a couple of chairs.

Gallery: Karen's Cottage by New Avenue Homes

The sleeping loft covers half the lower floor. It is big enough for a double bed and has storage cabinets built into the low-ceiling spaces at the sides. The loft is accessed by an alternating tread stair. They take up much less space than a regular set of stairs, and are easier to ascend and descend than a ladder.

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Photos and plans courtesy of New Avenue Homes.

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