Seaside Single House, a rebuilt stone barn in Tuscany by modostudio

This attractive small house has an enviable location overlooking the seashore of Monte Argentario National Park in Tuscany. The architects from modostudio designed the 90 m2 (969 ft2) house within the remnants of a half-collapsed stone barn. The stones remained to rebuild the barn in its original form, but with new window openings. The roofing is terracotta tile, a traditional roofing material in the area.

The main gabled space has the living and dining room in front, facing onto a large patio. A small shed-roofed addition at one end houses the kitchen while also helping to form a sheltered courtyard at the side of the house. At the back of the house are the two bedrooms and two bathrooms. The layout is a bit awkward in that visitors would have to pass through a bedroom in order to reach a bathroom. The bedrooms are separated from the living area by a wall of storage cabinetry, with closets on the bedroom side and shelves and cabinets on the living room side. The closets and their contents will help to acoustically isolate the bedrooms from any noisy activity in the living area.

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Via plataforma arquitectura.

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