Længehuset, a modular holiday house from Denmark

Black Møn Huset Længehuset 55, exterior

black Længehuset 55

The Længehus (Longhouse) is a small modular home from Denmark. Manufactured by Møn Huset, it consists of modules that are a standard width of 4.66 m (15’3″) but come in various lengths. Customers choose a bedroom module, a kitchen/bath module and a living room module. These are joined by a breezeway module to form a dogtrot design.

Møn Huset Længehuset 55, module example

Længehuset module example

Dogtrot houses were once common in the southern United States as the open breezeway allowed cooling breezes to pass through the house. That doesn’t seem like a feature that would be in great demand in Scandinavia, but these are primarily marketed as summer vacation homes. The breezeway can be closed off at both sides by large doors, one of which functions as a wind break or privacy screen for the deck when open.

Green Møn Huset Længehuset 55, breezeway

green Længehuset 55

One combination of modules is the Længehus 55, with 55 m2 (592 ft2) of inside floor area. It’s a mid-sized model, formed from the medium-size modules. It has two small bedrooms plus a sleeping loft over the kitchen and bathroom. These photos show two different Længehus 55’s. The black one seems to have fairly standard features while the green one has been upgraded with wood paneling and a fireplace.

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Images courtesy of Møn Huset.

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