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A small alpine cabin from an old granary | Savioz Fabrizzi Architectes

Situated at the junction of two valleys in the Pennine Alps of southern Switzerland, Le Biolley is a tiny hamlet with just 20 full-time residents and only 22 buildings. Traditionally a farming community,… Continue reading

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Leachachan Barn | Rural Design

This traditional stone and slate barn stands on the south shore of Loch Duich in the Western Highlands of Scotland. It was originally built to shelter the farm’s working horses, and later used… Continue reading

Cabaña Bascuñan, a small house with a playful design by Matías Silva Aldunate

From a distance, this small house appears pretty straightforward. Cabaña Bascuñan has a simple shed-like shape with a roof that extends out to shelter the porch. But get closer and you realize that… Continue reading

Haus Bru 1.25, a barn-like home by SoHo Architektur

Haus Bru 1.25 is a small house by architect Alexander Nägele of SoHo Architektur. It was designed to make the most of a limited budget. Although built in Germany, the austere form and… Continue reading