K House by D.I.G Architects

K House, a small house in Japan by D.I.G Architects

K House is perched on a steeply sloped site overlooking the city of Nagoya, Japan. The site offered great views but was a challenge to build on, with hardly enough flat space to park a car, let alone a house. D.I.G Architects solved the problem by tucking the house partly into the hillside, leaving the rest to cantilever dramatically over the slope below.

A folded skin of galvanized metal covers both roof and walls, giving the small house a tent-like appearance from the street. More accurately, it looks like a tent that has started to collapse, if the off-center peak and irregular shape are any indication. Recessed into the tent is a wall of vertical cedar boards, marking the entrance. The actual door is well-disguised, but once found leads to an entry foyer in the upper part of the house. A few steps up is a mezzanine level stretching the width of the house, while the main living area and a bedroom lie below. Altogether there is 89.4 m2 (962 ft2) of living space.

K House, a small house in Japan by D.I.G Architects

The floor plan is actually five-sided, resulting in unexpected angles and unusual room shapes. Combine that with the off-center roof and the house seems somewhat disorienting. However a large window wall visible from both levels does help keep the occupants focused on the view. The interior is finished with a combination of smooth concrete, white paint, and wood on the floors. The living area floor has chestnut planks, but the bedroom and mezzanine floors look like stained plywood. The guardrails are made from glass and thin-profile metal, in keeping with the home’s minimalist appearance.

K House, a small house in Japan by D.I.G Architects

There are two outdoor spaces attached to the house, the cantilevered deck off the main living area and a roof deck over the bathroom that is accessed from the mezzanine.

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Photographs by Tomohiro Sakashita, courtesy of D.I.G Architects. Via ArchDaily.

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