Haus Bru 1.25, a barn-like home by SoHo Architektur

Haus Bru 1.25, a small house by SoHo Architektur

Haus Bru 1.25 is a small house by architect Alexander Nägele of SoHo Architektur. It was designed to make the most of a limited budget. Although built in Germany, the austere form and economy of materials remind us of a New England barn. The irregular window placement adds to the utilitarian appearance, having seemingly been driven by interior function with no regard for exterior appearance. However each facade has in fact been carefully balanced. Not everyone will appreciate the barn-like styling, but to us the proportions are pleasing and the arrangement of the variously-sized square openings is quite interesting.

In order to keep the construction costs in check, the architect designed the small house with an easy-to-build rectangular floor plan. Simple and durable materials were chosen largely on the basis of cost. By applying the corrugated roofing material to the walls as well, overhangs could be eliminated, another significant cost savings.

Haus Bru 1.25, a small house by SoHo Architektur

The use of simple materials was continued on the inside. The concrete slab was troweled smooth for a low-cost finish floor. Most walls are just painted drywall, but a couple are of poured concrete for variety. The interior has a somewhat spartan look, not surprising given the low budget, but that may be largely due to the minimal furnishings in the photos. The 90 m2 (969 ft2) home has just one bedroom and an open loft, however the loft could easily be closed in for a second bedroom if and when needed.

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Photographs by Zooey Braun, courtesy of SoHo Architektur. Via ArchDaily.

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