Cozy ski chalet in the French Alps

A cozy ski chalet in the French Alps with 3 bedrooms in 846 sq ft. |

Winter is quickly approaching in the northern hemisphere and for some people that means the arrival of ski season. Gîte la Bartavelle is a small mountain chalet at a ski resort in the French Alps. Like the traditional alpine chalet, or Swiss chalet, this newer version is constructed of wood and has the characteristic gabled roof sloping to the sides, substantial overhangs supported by heavy timber brackets, and small windows protected by operable shutters.

A cozy ski chalet in the French Alps with 3 bedrooms in 846 sq ft. |

The small house manages to squeeze three bedrooms into only 78.6 m2 (846 ft2). There is one bedroom downstairs with its own bath, and two more upstairs. The combined living area is compact with a single-wall kitchen to one side. Wood wall paneling and a wood ceiling over open beams contribute to the feeling of coziness, while the bold red of the kitchen keeps it from becoming monotonous. All that’s missing is a wood stove for warming up on cold winter days. It looks like there is floor protection in one corner for a stove, but for some reason it was not installed.

There is a panoramic view of the Alps from the front windows. However the traditional chalet style has fairly small windows that make it difficult to enjoy the view from inside.

This small ski chalet is available for rent through Gîtes de France Savoie.

Photographs courtesy of Gîtes de France Savoie.

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