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Gunnar's House, a small timber frame forest home in Norway. It has 2 bedrooms in 915 sq ft. |

This small forest home in Norway was designed by Huus og Heim Arkitektur. The client asked that the house be designed to preserve and respect the natural character of the site. It mixes the clean lines of modern design with a traditional timber frame and extensive use of wood as requested by the client.

As with most timber framed houses, the placement of the posts influenced the room sizes and layout. In this home, the timber frame is based on a grid of roughly 3 m by 3 m (10′ by 10′). The compact living area is arranged in an L shape with an eat-in kitchen at one end and a sitting area at the other. Half the living area is open to the roof and the mezzanine loft above, which the owner uses for an office and studio. Large windows to the south and west take advantage of the available views and sun, while tall narrow windows to the east allow views of the nearby trees. Most of the interior walls are paneled in wood as per the owner’s wish, but the wood is balanced by the white ceiling and floors.

Gunnar's House, a small timber frame forest home in Norway. It has 2 bedrooms in 915 sq ft. |

The 85 m2 (915 ft2) house has two bedrooms, one on each level. The ground floor bedroom is the smaller of the two but it has almost direct access to the bathroom. The upstairs bedroom was probably intended for only occasional guest use. Getting from the upstairs bedroom to the bathroom requires following a circuitous route through most of the house, so it doesn’t seem very convenient for regular use.

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Photographs courtesy of Huus og Heim Arkitektur. Via ArchDaily.

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