The Silberfisch, a modern floating home by Confused-Direction

courtesy of SchwimmHausBoot

Living on the water is an option in many places. Unlike a houseboat, a float home has no engine of its own and must be towed from place to place. They are typically left moored in one location and not moved often. In many cities where berths are limited and water views are highly-sought, living in a float house is very costly. However in some places, float homes can be a very affordable housing alternative.

The Silberfisch (silver fish) was designed by Flo Florian and Sascha Akkermann of German design firm Confused-Direction. Their stated aim was to “create a quality home that represents a balanced mix of design and a maritime romance”, and they have succeeded. The wedge shape is fresh and at the same time reminiscent of the industrial sheds that line any working port.

courtesy of SchwimmHausBoot

The interior blends modern minimalist design with maritime efficiency in a floor area of 40 m2 (431 ft2), not including the sleeping loft. A galley kitchen is placed against one sidewall with stairs to the loft opposite. A wall of glass offers the potential for panoramic views from both the living area and the sleeping loft above. The bathroom in one back corner also contains the laundry. There is a large deck at water level as well as a large roof deck with access from the loft. The remainder of the topside features a living roof.

Would you want to live on the water? What are some of the pluses and minuses of that lifestyle? Share your thoughts in the comments!

Photos courtesy of SchwimmHausBoot and Panoramio user vo-id.

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