Mid-Century Modern home in Sweden

Mid-Century Modern house in Sweden, exterior

This 4 bedroom home, constructed in the mid-sixties, has the horizontal lines, large expanses of glass and open floor plan that are typical of Mid-Century Modern architecture. It was updated in the late nineties with a renovation overseen by renowned Swedish architect Thomas Sandell.

The 105 m2 (1,130 ft2) single-level floor plan groups the four bedrooms together at one end and the open living area at the other. Outside the living area is a large terrace which is partly covered. An outdoor fireplace warms the terrace on cool evenings. In keeping with the Mid-Century Modern objective of bringing the outdoors in, the living areas are fronted by a continuous band of tall casement windows. Oddly however, there are only two single doors leading out to the terrace. Sliding patio doors and French doors were available in the sixties, so it seems a bit strange that they weren’t used to open the living areas to the outside.

Mid-Century Modern house in Sweden, living room

Mid-Century Modern houses were less rigid and more organic than earlier forms of modernist architecture. People often perceive modern architecture as being cold, but this home feels quite cozy with its fireplace and wood paneled walls and ceiling. While there is a lot of window area, the dividing posts and solid wall above and below the windows provide a sense of enclosure that floor-to-ceiling glass would not.

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Photographs courtesy of Skeppsholmen.

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