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This modern garden retreat serves as a guest house and as a home office. |

BLOOT Architecture designed this modern garden retreat to serve both as a home office and as a small guest house. Site and regulatory constraints limited the new structure to 22.6 m2 (243 ft2), but architect¬†Tjeerd Bloothoofd made the most of the space. Floor to ceiling shelves line one wall, and a tiny bathroom and kitchenette are positioned against the back wall.

Light plywood paneling and orange paint bring warmth to the room. Floor to ceiling windows and a bank of skylights bring in plenty of light, but sliding screens constructed of wood slats provide privacy when needed.

This modern garden retreat serves as a guest house and as a home office. |

The architect did a great job in detailing the space. The frameless window over the kitchenette is especially noteworthy, extending from wall to wall and right down to the countertop. As a result, the kitchenette almost disappears. Visually the cabinets blend into the wall while the countertop resembles a wide windowsill. Another unusual window placed right at floor level provides an interesting view of a weathered brick wall, a nice contrast to the smooth finishes of the pavilion.

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